Mass Times

St Andrew’s Cathedral

Sunday Mass Times: 11.00am, 6.00pm

Weekday Masses: Mon-Fri 1pm

Holyday of Obligation:
1.00pm, 7.00pm

Sacrament of Reconciliation
: Friday/Saturday 10.30-11.00 am




St Joseph’s RC Church
st joe
Sunday Mass: 10.00 am (Polish Mass: 12 noon)
Holy Day of Obligation: 9.00 am, 6 pm
Weekday Mass: Mon-Wed-Fri 9.00am
(in small chapel, entrance on Wilkies Lane Hill)
Sacrament of Reconciliation: Saturday after 10.00 am morning Mass
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For more information about Churches and Masses around Dundee and the Diocese, please visit the Dunkeld Diocesan website:

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